Steel gears St Louis
Advanced Jiffy Machine manufactures helical gears to customer specifications in sizes up to 24 in. external diameter or 15 in. internal diameter with left and right handed helix angles in all sizes. These gears can be made from ferrous or non-ferrous materials including steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, cast iron and bronze. Optional features offered include heat treatment and tooth shaving or grinding. Available services include blanking, grinding, hobbing, crowning, shaping, shaving and milling as well as internal, external and thread grinding and reverse engineering.

Internal or external
Up to 24″ maximum external diameter, 1″ minimum
Up to 15″ maximum internal diameter, 1″ minimum
Right or left hand helix angles in all sizes
Guideless helical shaping
Crown hobbing
Shaved or unshaved teeth
With integral shaft or bored, with keys, splined or plain
Ferrous or non-ferrous materials, including bronze
Heat treated or non-heat treated
Large or small quantity runs