Nylon Gears St. Louis
Precision gear manufacturer and producer of custom plastic gears, bevel gears, spur gears and more. Our engineering department can help in customizing gears to your drawings and specifications.

Black Nylon Plastic GearPlastic Gears Available in Following Materials
• Acetal
• Acetal – Brass Insert
• Acetal – Stainless Steel Hub
• Acetal Rim – Aluminum Core
• Bakelite
• Nylon

White Acetal Plastic Gear
Plastic Gears Available in Following Hub Styles
• Fariloc Hub
• Hubless
• Pin Hub – No Set Screw
• Pin Hub – With Set Screw

Spoked Plastic Gear
Plastic Gears Available in Following Quality Class
• AGMA Q10
• AGMA Q8 / Machined
• AGMA Q9 – Molded
• Commercial
• Commercial – Molded

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