Gear Manufacturer St. Louis

Advanced Jiffy Machine Products, Inc is a Gear Manufacturer based near St. Louis, MO.

We do a variety of different operations including:
– CNC gear work, including shaft splining, internal splines, sprockets, gear sets, helicals (internal and external), spurs, specialized gearing, and timing belt pulleys.
– CNC lathe work, including hard turning, hard boring, and other various turning and boring operations as needed.
– General machining and complete gearbox manufacturing.
We are willing to quote on product development work, repair work, and production lots both large and small.

We make gears ranging in outside diameter size from less than a 1/2″ to 25” and shafts 3″ in diameter and up to 40 feet long. We can also shape and broach internal gears. Some of the industries that we provide gears and other services include oil, gas, winch, printing, farm implement, industrial gears, and many others.