Spur Gears
CNC hobbing of all shapes, sizes and materials.

Helical Gears
Includes gear sets or single gears made to order.

Varies in length up to 30 feet long and includes a variety of exotic materials.

Internal or external CNC shaping.

Keyway or spline broaching of all shapes and sizes.

We are excited to announce that Phase 1 of our automation cell is complete (3/9/15).  Phase 2 is in process and we are currently doing R&D on Phase 3.  Check out our Facebook and twitter pages for photos, videos and additional updates.

Advanced Jiffy Machine Products, Inc was founded 35 years ago with a few basic principles in mind.

Customer satisfaction, Quality and Innovation.
If you’re not looking ahead, then you’re already behind.

We are a custom gear manufacturer servicing a number of different industries including aerospace, industrial, oil and gas, transportation, winch, farm implement, government and others.

President, Kevin Jackson, started out in 1979 as a general machine shop, sharpening tools for local businesses.  Soon after that, the focus of the business shifted to gear manufacturing, and the company blossomed into what it is today.

We are constantly expanding both building space and ideas to anticipate the needs of customers and stay ahead of the competition.  Whether it’s adding automation to increase capacity or modifying a current process, we always try to look ahead to utilize the newest technologies in order maintain the very high level of quality and efficiency our customers have come to expect over the years.

We are willing to quote on product development work and production lots both large and small.  If we don’t have the machinery to run it, we will bring it in and customize a process tailored to meet your needs.

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Kevin Jackson – President
Phone: 417-235-6942 ext 302
Fax: 417-235-7074
Mark Jackson – Process Engineer
Phone: 417-235-6942 ext 300
Fax: 417-235-7074